Evolution (mixed media)

Evolution ©, 11″ x 15″, mixed media
Hooray! I finished a picture. It’s amazing what a deadline will do. I had this board laying around forever with some elements laying on it (don’t know why I chose those particular ones) and never did anything with it. My mission is to get all my unfinished paintings finished (on a daily basis until complete). They may not be perfect (what is?), but maybe I can move on and actually tidy up my art room. It was certainly not easy trying to navigate around so many unfinished works, but I got a really nice shade of green I copied from a Rousseau painting and it seemed to go well with a lot of the unfinished works. I even dabbed some on the big painting on the wall and it seems like it might be starting to come together. However, I do need some additional elements in that. I’m not sure what. Hopefully, I’ll sleep on it and my dreams will tell me.

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