We worked out today at the Y. I took two classes–step and yoga. I felt bad about not working on my hummingbird painting, but Jerry insisted that we needed to keep up with our exercise to help us stay focused on other things. He’s right. I felt much better, but almost fell asleep in shavasana. I was so tired after staying up until 2:30 the night before. Keeping up with this blog, painting, trying to sell on the internet, looking at other artist’s works/marketing, trying to get ideas–whew! it’s exhausting. Was going to take a nap when we got home, but one of the guys who looked at the rental in Winter Park came over with a deposit and credit app. He’s a student at Full Sail and said he just bought a $6,000 HD video camera and wants to paint one of the rooms in the house a special “green” and use it for a green room for special video effects (kind of like the green screen the weather man uses on TV to show his weather maps). He’s an Iraq vet and will have two other roommates. I worked some more on the letter to the wacko tenants at Suntree and we’ll see the attorney tomorrow for his advice. Can’t wait. Ha!


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