I’m trying to use up a tube of yellow ochre paint that broke open. I mixed some with gesso and painted over some canvases and started playing around with some contrasting paint and alcohol on top. I really like the way some are shaping up with that golden color underneath. I’m not sure where it’s going, but we’ll see. I’m reading a book on creativity by Nita Leland who has some good ideas. I practiced some drawing today, per her suggestion, and I’m going to set up a still life and do value drawings of the individual pieces in different view points and light. The idea is to then cut them up and reassemble them into a design. It kind of sounds like that notan idea I wanted to try in order to work on my design skills. We went to the lawyer’s office today and picked up his letter for the tenants (although I thought ours sounded better but he suggested we not give that to them because it was getting too personal–not ugly–just personal). We stopped by the library on the way home and got stranded for a little while because of torrential rains! We sure needed it, but I could have done without the lightning. I got another book on abstract design and Alice Neel. I just love her portraits. They have such strength and are almost a psychological study of the individual. Who says women can’t be great artists? I guess H. W. Janson, Art Historian from the dark ages. I checked my old history book just to make sure and, of course, she wasn’t in there. I couldn’t find one woman artist in it. No wonder I have such a sense of insecurity after going through art school with that book. I hope the female students today aren’t being brainwashed like that.


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