Today was busy as hell. I did everything but paint–worked out in the yard weeding for two hours, spent some time on another website putting in some paintings, changed prices on another, paid bills, went to the post office to send a certified letter to the crazy people in the rental, went through an extended period of torture trying to get a credit report for the new tenant in Winter Park, went to the bank, worked out at a step class and went to Publix to pick up some juice when the car broke down and we had to call AAA and wait around until 8:00 p.m. for them to fix it. Another guy tried to jump start it but it didn’t work, and he seemed to have lost his keys in the process. I felt really bad. Several people volunteered to help, including the bagger from Publix, who suggested looking into the battery. Sure enough, it looked like our battery had dried up. AAA jump started it after we got distilled water into it. I don’t know if that’s the only problem, because it happened so suddenly, but I guess we’ll find out. We just had the car serviced 1000 miles ago, so that was kind of strange (and annoying) that it seemed to quit for something like that. Hopefully, tomorrow I can do something in the art room. Although, we have to make a trip to the east coast to post the letter because we’re afraid she won’t sign for the certified copy and we need to get into the house over the weekend to show it and do repairs. Yikes! I’m really burnt out over all this. I’m renaming this blog until I have the leisure to actually paint every day.


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