Abstract circle (or cross)

Abstract circle (or cross), four 16″ x 20″ panelsBecoming adept at photoshop. Maybe adept isn’t the right word, but I’m learning all about layers and moving things around. That’s taking a while. Took some more pictures today of paintings since it was cloudy and I figured the light would be good. I have a new respect for photographers. It’s an art unto itself and I spent a large part of today trying to get the photos of my paintings to look like they do in person by way of Photoshop. I’m not 100% satisfied with the painting above. It’s four canvases, so I had to photograph them separately, otherwise they distorted, and put them on layers in photoshop, adjust balances and try to size them properly. Even though the ruler in the program seemed to indicate the proper scale, my eyes seem to think they aren’t quite right. I haven’t gotten to the part of rotating the canvases to do the cross configuration yet. I’ll save that for when I don’t have anything at all to do.


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