Homage to Louise Cadillac, 16″ x 20″, acrylic on masonite
We had a good art meet-up tonight at Trish’s Teas in Baldwin Park. What a talented group of artists. Several new people came tonight and several artists showed their work. We have a monthly assignment and this month it was to create a piece designed in the style of an artist we admire. Mine was done in the style of Louise Cadillac. I love her stuff; it’s so loose and painterly. I tried for something in her style in order to break out of my rigidity. It didn’t quite get there, but I’m working on it. The assignment next month is to paint something inspired by nature, so I think I’m going to try something in that vein but with a street art or graffiti-type style. It’s a style I would never think of trying to do, but there are several very talented artists around central Florida who are doing it and I can’t help but admire them. Note to self: take camera to Drunken Monkey and get some shots of the street art there and post. There was a woman from Artists Resource Group, Meg King, at the meet-up who talked very knowledgeably about the trials and tribulations of artists trying to market their work and how her company can help. It will be interesting to keep up with her website and see what type of workshops they’ll conduct for artists. I need to learn everything (except I don’t think I’m cut out for art festivals. The idea of people critiquing my artwork while dripping mustard from their hot dogs isn’t really appealing to me 🙂

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