Today kind of dribbled away like the sand in my egg timer that I use now for trying to time photo transfers (none of which have worked so far). I’m in a photo transfer Yahoo group and there is much email about the right way to do it, but so far the only method I’ve glommed onto was using Great White photo paper and after searching all over town for it, I found out it’s no longer made. I’ve tried a number of other products, but so far nothing. I’m kind of exhausted on trying to do that process, even though I really like the look of it and the possibilities. I guess I’ll have to focus on just painting. Maybe that’s a door to something (“when one door closes another opens!”). Did a little more fiddling with my website while waiting for the Brighthouse guy to come and fix the internet connection (infuriatingly slow speed.) He was a fine representative of Brighthouse’s connection speed as he finally showed up around 6:00 p.m. He stayed for several hours and the final verdict was that it’s a “neighborhood” problem and he’d have to send someone over next week to correct the connections. I guess this problem could have gone on indefinitely until someone bothered to go through all the hoops and hurdles of their customer service. I must admit I was a little annoyed when Jerry called CS and told them about the problem and I had to get on the phone and explain it (I’m the “technical/computer” person in the household.) I guess he got tired of my swearing about the slow speed, so he took some proactive steps. How novel! Anyhow, we may be getting the 15 Mips as advertised soon, instead of the 5 Mips current. Oh yes, and we got a new kitty. It’s been an on/off thing. I saw an advertisement at the Y with a cute photo of a grey kitty and since we’ve been wanting to get Seamus a “feline” companion for some time since Chester and Ralphie passed on (years ago, now), I called. One thing led to another, and I thought the kitty’s caretaker had second thoughts about relinquishing him since I didn’t hear from her for a while, but she called today and said he was available. Jerry said he’d go over and pick him up while I waited for the Brighthouse guy. He said she choked up about giving him away (but she had three other indoor house cats and couldn’t really keep him.) That makes me sad and I’m glad Jerry spared me from seeing her tear up (he thinks way ahead of me about some things and I really appreciate that when I think about it.) I told her on the phone I’d keep in touch with emails and send photos of him with Seamus and Marley. I hope I can post some good pictures of him tomorrow.


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