Little Gray and Higgins

Little Gray and HigginsI worked some more on the website. It’s really slow going and I’m constantly getting sidetracked by all the options available to people trying to sell stuff on the web. Today I was organizing cards I had from other artists and decided to look up a website of someone I admired at the Winter Park art show several years ago. I was surprised that her website was kind of in disarray (except for the homepage–it was great!) I would have thought an established artist who showed at the WP several years ago would have a totally awesome site. But it did have some links to a site where you could buy t-shirts/cups/etc. with her artwork on it (Zazzle, I think.) That required quite a bit of time investigating and then, of course, all kinds of questions popped up about whether that’s a good thing to do with your artwork, the leap of faith required to hand over your images to a company and believe they’ll report all the sales and remit all the commissions to you (I’m very skeptical.) There’s just so much to figure out, it’s mind-boggling. Gave my brain a rest and worked out at the Y–step class and yoga both. The kitty is starting to take over. It’s strange, but Seamus seems like he’s afraid of him. I never realized he was so timid, but I guess it’s been awhile since he’s had other cats in the house and after being attacked by that female stray last week, I suppose he’s being cautious. Jerry got a shot of “little Gray” (we haven’t named him yet, but that’s what his prior caretaker called him) looking through the door at the yard cat, Higgins. You can see by the look on Higgins face that he’s not amused about another mouth to feed in the household. I’m sure he fears it will be less for him–and “hungry Higgins” eats a lot. We would have loved to bring him in the house when someone dropped him off last Halloween so Seamus would have a playmate. We learned quickly though that Higgins has a weakness of an unpredictable personality. He can be loving one minute and attack the next. And he hates other cats (but apparently loves Marley, our golden retriever.) So, we have a yard cat and now two inside cats and a dog. Life is good.

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