It’s hard to be inspired every day when you’re exposed to idiots. I went to my ob/gyn for a test for an ongoing problem and he expressed alarm that my problem has grown and said I should have immediate major surgery. I told him that I’d researched other treatment options and wanted to discuss them and he, acting incredulous, wanted to know why I wanted to hang onto my female plumbing. As I tried to discuss rationally why I wanted to keep these parts of my body, what I’d researched and found out about the usefulness of them and why they shouldn’t be thrown out if not totally necessary, he kept rudely interrupting me with “You don’t know what you’re talking about”–over and over again. As he examined me, he kept saying “Man, this thing is really huge.” “Man, you need to get rid of this.” Man? I’m no stickler for protocol, but shouldn’t a patient be addressed in a more professional manner? Needless to say, I left the office very unhappy and that unhappiness has gradually turned to rage. As I sit here, I have papers to file a complaint with the state (ha! a lot of good that will do) for the lack of quality care. Am I mistaken, but isn’t every patient entitled to hear about all the treatment options for their medical condition? I don’t want to hear about doctors being pressed for time, etc. I spent over 1 1/2 hours in his waiting room and never received so much as a “sorry” for the wait, so he could have spent a little bit of time explaining alternatives instead of using that time to berate me for legitimate concerns. I guess the ugliness really comes out when you question their god-given superiority (and it might cut into their revenue stream). I tell you what, he’s not getting within miles of me with a scalpel.


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    Congratulations Gayle for standing up for your self. I hope you find the right person who can tell you the truth of your situation, what are options to consider and guide you to make decisions to do what is best for you and will help you regain good health. Mary Elizabeth

  2. Thanks, Mary Elizabeth. It’s a shame everything has to be such a battle when you’re dealing with our “for profit” health care system. But just like the name says, it’s for profit not for the patient. It’s a national disgrace.Gayle

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