Today was a bust! Spent all day at the rental working. Jerry got all the sprinklers fixed and I cleaned. On an unrelated note: I suppose some artists thrive on rejection, but seriously I don’t know why I’m deluding myself into thinking I can be an artist or am an artist. If I had any sense, I’d be into painting what people really want–their houses. There seems to be much more reward in that. Yeah, maybe it’s only monetary, but at least it’s something (and it helps pay the bills.) We got a quote today for painting some of the rooms and I don’t think even Rembrandt made that kind of money for his masterpieces. $130 for one coat of paint for an average-sized bedroom–no ceiling or trim. Another $130 for a second coat, etc. And I know they won’t obsess like I do about cleaning the walls with TSP before they paint either. Some days are just plain hard to take. Oh well, I guess it’ll be back to my true vocation–painting rooms with a roller.


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