Peacock, 2 1/2 x 3 1/2″, acrylic on watercolor paper

I’m leaving this picture in because this is probably a Freudian slip. I was trying to upload the latest painting I did (Peacock) and inadvertently this came up. Perhaps it has something to do with the market melting down today and who knows what Monday will bring, but it won’t be pretty according to the latest news I heard about IndyMac being seized by the FDIC. Jerry had a CD in that bank. Nothing is safe and we’re heading over the cliff. What the hell is going on here?
(Breathe! Breathe!)
Okay. Now to finish this post. It would have been done earlier but naturally my computer froze up when I was almost done with it and I had to start over again. (I just love Dell/Microsoft!) Anyhow, in spite of the disaster in the markets today, today was good since I was accepted into the group. I’m hoping that if I’m not living out of trash cans soon I’ll be developing my art and creativity with the help of this fine group of women artists. I drug myself out of my cocoon and went to an art show at Creative Spirits Art Gallery tonight. This was a major accomplishment since my agoraphobia seems to be kicking in big time now. But it was nice and there was a very talented artist there, German Lemus, who did marvelous portraits of people and animals with very bright colors and active brush strokes. I would upload his picture of a lion, which I loved, but I’m afraid it’ll make my computer crash like it did before. Maybe tomorrow when I’m braver I’ll try. We finished the evening off with supper at the Thai Villa, which has been closed for over a month due to their trip back to Thailand. It was crowded and the food was great and we ate too much. All the kitties and Marley enjoyed the leftover shrimp.


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