The surge is working!

Really didn’t have much time to mope around the house and worry about my ultrasound test results, which I picked up when I went for my MRI Friday afternoon. The results didn’t sound too good, but I was so busy cleaning up the last tenant’s mess over the weekend that I didn’t focus on it. Had to do something to try and tame the chaos at our own house today, so I mowed the yard while Jerry cleaned out the truck, attempted to organize our garage, yada yada. Tomorrow–we’ll battle, among other things, the dreaded yellow pool and fixing cabinets for our other rental. The tenants started moving in Sunday (all Full Sail students) while we were finishing up. One house down, one more to go. I hope we can get the one in Suntree rented soon because I’m running out of energy and need to concentrate on other things. Finally got to spend a little time (very little) on some arty things. I attempted an incursion into my art room with some organizing type things I found while cleaning the rental. Hey, if you can’t get something out of cleaning up someone’s mess for a week, what’s the point? Then, on to the computer to fool around with that lily photo from the challenge group. Here’s my latest version. I tried like hell, per the rules, to keep track of the steps but they got away from me and I have no idea how it ended up like this. So, I guess I won’t be able to “submit” it to the site, but maybe I could do a painting from it. Or maybe I could just keep fooling around with it. On another note, here’s a good u-tube video I got from my image transfer group with a nice tutorial on photo transfers with Apollo transparency film. I haven’t had much luck with other processes (impressively bad luck!), but I hope this might work because I’ve got a lot of ideas percolating in my head that could possibly come out through this medium.

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