Played around with a painting I wasn’t so happy with in Photoshop and I’m kind of liking it, but have no idea how to duplicate it in paint. It would require some kind of unifying coat of paint with texture, although how to get the right texture is a puzzle. This will require some thinking. Speaking of which, is there anyone in Washington doing anything remotely like that? The latest bombshell about the Bush administration comes from Pulitzer Prize-winner Ron Suskind’s new book “The Way of the World.” In it he reports that he has recorded on the record statements from two CIA officials that the CIA was ordered by the Bush administration to forge a letter linking Saddam Hussein to Al-Qaeda to justify the invasion of Iraq. Surely even Nancy Pelosi must wake up sometime to the incessant facts that, just possibly, this administration committed criminal acts and should be investigated. Oh, I forgot, the rules are different in Washington and what might be a criminal act on Main Street America is business as usual in Washington. No wonder Congress has an approval rating of 9%, way below even George W. Bush’s. Now that’s an accomplishment Ms. Pelosi can be proud of! The Democrats may not be such a shoo-in to the White House if they don’t stop conducting themselves like accomplices in these crimes. I wonder if Obama is going to sweep this under the rug too?


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  1. Gayle, thank you for talking about that. I haven’t talked “politics” on my blog because . . . because what? Because I’m afraid I’ll turn somebody off? Or afraid that “talking politics” belongs in its own little category? Well maybe I should rethink that whole thing, because I happen to believe strongly that this administration has just about succeeded in sending us permanently down the tube. This ceases to be about politics and is now in the realm of survival of our constitution and our very way of life.Don’t even get me started. The Anthrax so-called investigation makes me wonder if they think we don’t read spy novels!! Do they think we are feeble minded imbeciles?Yeah, I don’t know if Obama will step up to the plate or not, but can you imagine the alternative? I can’t!Whew. Sorry about that. Now back to art. I too like to play around with progress shots of paintings in PhotoShop to see what I might do next. It’s gotten me out of a lot of stuck places.(PS – This link takes you to my new blog. I decided I had to move from Blogger.)

  2. Martha,Thanks for letting me know about your new site. I’ll update it on my blog. I like keeping up with your amazing work. I suppose my blog is really like an on-line diary with occasional bits of art thrown in. I too wondered whether I should rant about politics and could possibly turn off the couple of people who might stumble upon my site. But I figured this site is for my own mental health, in a way, and trying to organize my thoughts about life and everything that influences, or impedes, my artistic journey. BTW, thanks for the nice comment. It’s good to hear from a friendly person about this post. I was a little concerned it might bring out some wing nuts 🙂

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