"Something A Little Wrong With The Mouth"

Grady and Marley

Once again it rained almost all day today. We got out for a short walk with Marley in between downpours and he sure was happy (so was I–cabin fever is really setting in.) When we got home, his buddy Grady was so glad to see him, he couldn’t resist snuggling up to his wet friend. Of course, I didn’t get there in time to get the best picture, but this one is kind of cute, too. Poor Grady, we’re going to take him to the vet tomorrow to be neutered. I hope he forgives us. He’s such a sweet kitty, so trusting, I can’t help but feel somewhat guilty. I know, I know, it’s for his own good because he’s a house cat. I just hope everything goes all right.

I’ve been trying to finish the portrait of Jerry and Seamus and it’s not going well. John Singer Sargent, one of the most fantastic portrait painters ever, certainly got it right when he said “A portrait is a painting with something a little wrong with the mouth.” If he felt he couldn’t get it quite right, how could I ever do so? My painting has got a lot wrong with the mouth. I finally gessoed over Jerry’s mouth and took another photograph because I had spilled water all over the original. I asked him “please, don’t show your teeth.” I’ve never been able to paint teeth and don’t intend to try anymore. I’m not comparing myself to Rembrandt or any of the masters, but you don’t see their portraits with teeth hanging out. They must have said the same thing. In any case, tomorrow I vow I’m going to finish that painting or go mad trying.


2 responses to “"Something A Little Wrong With The Mouth"

  1. i too have just started up on wordpress, but as I ma not signed in at the moment this comment will take you to my other blog, artythings.Wordpress led me up and down the hill this week as i was locked out…the good news news is that support is very helpfull and someone does get in touch if yo email.things settled.LIKED YOUR PAINTINGS VERY MUCH

  2. Chris, Thank you for the kind words. I checked out your site and admired your paintings also as well as your site/links. I can see you’re a fan of Turner, one of my all time favorite painters. I’m not sure how WordPress will work out, but I’ll try and do a little bit every day and see if it sinks into my technically challenged brain. Good luck with your new site.

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