Mixed blessings

Finished up with the lawsuit Friday. What a mixed blessing. Glad to be done with it, but waking up throughout the last few nights wishing I had said this or that. Jerry says I have to just let it go, but that’s easier said than done. God! I hope and pray that we never encounter people like this again. Life is wayyyyyyy too short to expend your limited life energy going ’round and ’round with sociopaths like this. In any event, we’re going to spend some time with my brother and sister in Texas and try and forget the last few months. We spent all day cleaning the house and getting ready for the road trip. I don’t know which is more exhausting–getting the house cleaned up for the neighbors to cat/house sit or cleaning up the house for visitors. LOL! Some good news! We got a call from the Winter Park YMCA and the box we put there to collect food for Second Harvest Food Bank of Center Florida was overflowing. Due to the horrible economy (and, I must confess, to try and get our minds off our own problems), Jerry and I decided to collect food again this year for the Food Bank. We put in boxes and flyers at three Central Florida YMCAs: Winter Park, Crosby and the downtown Orlando YMCA. I’m hoping we get a lot of donations because, like every community in our country, people are hurting and are in need. It’s something we can and must help solve.


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