New digitally enhanced abstract artwork

Didn’t get much done in the way of art today. Spent too long on the computer catching up on my various art group emails and checking out Facebook. I guess I’m of the age where I’m not sure exactly what Facebook is trying to accomplish, except wasting a lot of time. But, I’ll give it a try and see what becomes of it. Some of the ladies in the WWAO art group I belong to use it and even have a WWAO group set up on it, so it must be of some value. Reading through some of their emails makes me realize I’ll probably never have the drive to become a “real” artist, earning money through Etsy, websites, social networks, etc. It all seems so exhausting and confusing. It’s a mystery to me how artists can muster the energy to create their artwork and then market it. The working artists I’m becoming familiar with on the internet certainly have my admiration.

In order to not waste the whole day, I scanned a graphite/acrylic sketch I had done recently (and kind of liked) and digitally enhanced it on the computer. I’m thinking I’d like to get more involved with graphite and paint, especially after seeing the exhibit in Corpus Christi of graphite works. The exhibit was all graphite works, with no color, but really quite stunning. I especially liked the work of Shimon Okshteyn. I see on his website that he does incorporate graphite within some of his paintings, which weren’t on display in the Texas exhibit, and they are impressive.


4 responses to “New digitally enhanced abstract artwork

  1. Don’t worry, the time isn’t wasted. It’s all about getting noticed, kind of like that screaming guy on the As Seen On TV commercials. LOL!! I did the same thing yesterday, no painting at all.I love that artist. Thanks for sharing that. His(?) work reminds me a lot of Nancy Graves.I like your digital piece.

  2. I just found your blog through Martha Marshall’s blog. I understand exactly how you feel about marketing your work. It seems the marketing world is like being on a treadmill. I feel I can never catch up. There are so many marketing outlets out there. How do we figure out which path to take?And just what is Red Bubble?

  3. Martha, I do kind of also relate to the Edvard Munch guy in “The Scream” painting sometimes 🙂 Thanks for the info on Nancy Graves. I wasn’t familiar with her, but I do see some similarities in her paintings. Nice work! It’s still a marvel to me how we can share great artwork and inspire each other across so many miles. I remember scouring the library for any faded reproductions of art I could find in the limited number of dusty art books on hand. What a fantastic change! I appreciate your kind words and keeping in touch!

  4. Hi Kim,Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone in my confusion. I checked out your website and your fabric pieces are gorgeous. And it looks like you are selling–congratulations! Red Bubble seems to cater mostly to artists willing to sell reproductions of their work–they take care of that end and give you a percentage of the price. There are many talented artists (many are photographers and digital artists) there and it’s fun to check out some of their work. BTW, I “hearted” you on Etsy. Keep up the good work!

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