Digital discoveries

Christy Hydeck is an artist I met on Facebook recently and I’ve been admiring her art ever since, especially her wonderfully dreamy landscape photographs. Imagine my surprise when, low and behold, I came across a magazine at the library called “Cloth, Paper, Scissors” and there was an article by Christy in it. I know I’m kind of sheltered down under in Florida, but apparently many artists are familiar with her and her work (I really need to get out more often!) She gave tips on how she gets that dream-like quality in her photographs and I’ve been cogitating about it ever since. In the process, I ran across another site with a wealth of tutorials on photo editing. A lot of the tutorials are for Photoshop but you can apply them to other editing software, like my favorite Paint Shop Pro, with a few tweaks. Here’s my learning experiment for the day utilizing “vintaging” (is that a word?) and automated actions. I’m not sure why I picked this image but discovered after the fact that the owl was linked with the goddess Athena in ancient Greece who was associated with the arts and wisdom (might be a subconscious wish here). So much fun and so much to learn.


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