More digital ramblings

Downloaded a 30 day trial version of Corel Painter and fooled around for a while with it. It looks like a complex program, but may be good for a lazy artist like me 🙂 Do you know that it will paint for you? This picture of Grady was done from a photograph and after putting in a number of parameters, I picked something called auto-painting and it painted itself while I watched “Dr. Strangelove” (again). Pretty amazing.


3 responses to “More digital ramblings

  1. this looks like fun! i have’t tried painter- it scares me, but maybe i should get brave!

  2. Notice: Those posting comments anonymously which are controversial in nature and have nothing to do with art, I will remove from this blog. Thanks.

  3. Marianne,It does seem overwhelming, but there are some tutorials on-line. I happened to see a magazine at “Borders” about it and became intrigued. It’s amazing what some artists have done with it. Give it a whirl! You have 30 days to try it out.

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