Copy of Velazquez's Madonna finished

“The Immaculate Conception” after Velazquez, 16″ X 20″ oil on canvas

It’s usually a good learning experience to copy the masters and one of my all time favorite painters is Velazquez. I worked on this in one of my classes at Maitland Art Center recently and had intended to do some more things to it, although I wasn’t quite sure what. It was done in the style of grisaille and I never quite got back to it after my last post on glazing. I finally feel it’s time to let it go. After a while, interest and momentum tends to dissipate, boredom sets in and an unfinished painting (or one that you feel is unfinished) can become a sort of albatross around the neck, zapping energy. The painting served it’s purpose and I learned quite a bit from it. There will always be more paintings and learning experiences waiting in the wings.

2 responses to “Copy of Velazquez's Madonna finished

  1. it's hard to put them down sometimes, isn't it? i work on knowing when to quit instead of spending time & energy on something that isn't happening. and sometimes months later it tells me how to finish it…

  2. What's that saying??…It takes two people to make a painting–one to do the painting and another to tell the painter when to stop.

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