Labor Day isn't just a holiday

Dianne and Troy at their new homesite, with Jerry

I’m not sure where the day went. After fooling around with my website for an eternity and trying to remember how I had created the thing in the first place, I made a few tweaks–although major tweaks are really needed. Why, oh why, are websites so much more complicated than blogs? Afterward, I had to get the kinks out of my butt from sitting so long, so I mowed the lawn, showered, balanced the checkbook, worked some on the Art League newsletter and went to the Y for a step class. We took a trip to Tampa over the weekend for a couple of days to visit Jerry’s daughter, Dianne, so exercise had been kind of sparse. His daughter and her husband, Troy, are building another new house closer to work, so we drove over to see the site. It’s a nice wooded five acre parcel, so there should be plenty of room for their dogs.

Since I was on a roll with the exercise class today, once we got home I decided to work out in the yard until dark weeding. The fun is never ending. Instead of just reading about it, one day I hope to have time to do some actual artwork.

While it’s not easy or habit for me, I’ve been trying to keep a sketchbook/journal for a while now. To say it’s an intermittent endeavor is an understatement, but I can see the value of it. It can be surprising and sometimes gratifying to open up an old sketchbook and come across something done years back and think “I remember this” or “that’s not so bad” or “this could turn into…”. I came across a sketchbook site today which deserves some more exploring whenever I have a free moment.


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