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Homage to Magritte

Homage to Magritte, 16 x 20 oil painting

My painting, “Homage to Magritte,” was selected to be in the Fellowship show at Crealde School of Art, 600 Saint Andrews Boulevard,
Winter Park.  There are ten artists showing, including the director of the Painting and Drawing Department, Henry Sinn.  The show opens this Friday, with artists’ reception from 7 to 9 p.m.

Old Master paintings of people with "character"

Check the paintings at this site.  They could give Rembrandt a run for his money.  I wish we could get some models like this at our studio sessions around town.  Don’t get me wrong, the models we have are great and do a wonderful job.  And it’s always a challenge to get younger people down in pencil/paint/whatever medium is being employed.  But what a challenge it would be to capture a face that has a distinct and mysterious history like these.