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Politics season


My oil painting from several years ago Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch

We’re disappointed that Bernie Sanders didn’t get the Democratic nomination for President but we’re not giving up on his revolution to give the bottom 99% of the country a voice and a chance to succeed. We’ll work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the must-win state of Florida, but we’ll hold her feet to the fire to make sure it’s not business as usual for the Dems. Try that with Trump who has already said he’s going to dismantle environmental regulations and floated the idea of treating the country like one of his bankrupt properties, which he made millions on, by stiffing holders of U.S. bonds.  What a disaster he would be for our country.  The need to defeat this megalomaniac is the the only thing keeping us going. Bernie supporters aren’t going away, we’re more determined than ever to change the way this country is governed and take it out of the hands of plutocrats like Trump and give it back to the people. We’re presenting this page for discussion at our meeting tonight and we’ll see what happens.