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Pope for the planet

Yay!  Pope Francis speaks out for the planet.  Maybe now the tree huggers (like me) won’t be blown off as looney and we’ll get more people stepping in to help save our precious world from corporate greed and destruction.  Of course, over-population is a large factor in the environmental stresses being put on the planet as well.  Will the Vatican okay birth control next?  One can only hope (and pray) that will be the next logical (and way overdue) step.

XL Pipeline nightmares

After "The painter of Light":  Fading Light, 16" x 20" oil

(After “The painter of Light”) “Fading Light”, 16″ x 20″ oil

The thought that the XL Pipeline may be approved as a part of the current budget “negotiations” scares me to death. It’s been on my mind for quite a while now and I did this satirical painting about it recently. It’s marvelous therapy. The Thomas Kinkade appropriation seems just about right to depict the whitewashing of the project by those that stand to make millions off it while destroying the earth. What a despicable mess. I hope common sense will trump greed this time.